13 Tastiest California Snacks of 2024

Whether you are looking for your new favorite local snack or putting together a California themed gift basket, we have rounded up a comprehensive selection of the most delicious gourmet California snack foods. From organic olive oil popcorn to sea salt caramels, you'll find everything you need in our California Snacks Collection. Salty, sweet, or savory --- we have all the bases covered. 


A bag of sea salt and olive oil popcorn with a drawing of corn, olives and oil

1. Sea Salt & Olive Oil Popcorn

You won't be able to get enough of this delicious, healthy popcorn! The corn is organically grown right here in California on a family-owned farm. Expertly made in small batches, this is the perfect snack for any popcorn lover.

Our most popular flavor is the healthy yet classic Sea Salt & Olive Oil. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also check out our maple and brown sugar flavor! These are also bestsellers for wedding welcome bags or office client gifts. Shop Sea Salt & Olive Oil Popcorn


A small bag of lemon zing pistachios with a drawing of small lemons

2. Lemon Zing Pistachios

These all-natural organic pistachios are grown and roasted on California's Central Coast. This small family-owned business controls every aspect of production, from planting the seeds to packaging the final product, so you'll always be getting the same high-quality pistachios in every small batch that is made.

If you love pistachios, be sure to check out our full selection of organic pistachios, including salted, hickory smoke, and onion garlic. We've found the Lemon Zing flavor is the biggest crowd pleaser! Shop Lemon Zing Organic Pistachios

 Small 2.5 ounce pouch of California herb flavored almonds

3. California Herb Almonds

Considering California produces 80% of the world's almonds, it's no surprise these nuts are a staple around here. All of our almonds are sourced from family-owned farms in the state. Our California herb flavor is roasted with a delectable combination of oregano, thyme, basil, garlic, onion, and sea salt. Can't get enough of this tasty snack? Try out our other California Almond flavors such as Honey Cinnamon and Lime + Sea Salt! Shop California Herb Almonds


Clear plastic bag filled with small caramels, tied closed with a brown bow

4. Jessica Foster Sea Salt Caramels

Jessica Foster is an incredible chocolatier based right here in Santa Barbara. She spent years learning and perfecting her craft before finally launching Jessica Foster Confections nearly twenty years ago. She still oversees all aspects of production. Her sea salt caramels are a fan favorite as they are sweetened with honey and studded with crystals of fleur de sel. Shop Sea Salt Caramels

 plastic bag filled with almond brittle, closed by a red twist tie, and a label on the front

5. Paso Almond Brittle

Paso Almond Brittle is crafted in small batches by Paso Almonds where their motto is more nuts than not! They sure live up to that when it comes to their signature Paso Almond Brittle. Loaded with almonds and high quality ingredients, this brittle is a nationwide cult favorite and a regular on our staff pick lists! Shop Paso Almond brittle

 Small plastic pouch with dried oranges, half dipped in chocolate

6. Chocolate Orange Crisps

These California fruit crisps are dried to maintain the fruit's vitamins, colors, and flavors, without any added sugars or preservatives. These crisps are just half dipped in chocolate, creating the perfect ratio of bittersweet orange and creamy rich chocolate. This is a must-try snack! Looking for a different flavor? Be sure to try the Creme Blood Orange Crisps or the pure Blood Orange Crisps! 

Shop Chocolate Orange Crisps

Small pouch of wild berry dried berries with a small pile of dried berries beside it

7. Organic Wild Berry Mix

Sun & Swell's organic pouch of dried berries is more than just tasty - it's also environmentally friendly! This little fully compostable pouch has a mix of cranberries, cherries, blueberries and golden berries. Dried fruit is a great gluten-free, vegan healthy crowd-pleasing snack. Shop Wild Berry Mix

Yellow box of biscotti with a small plastic window to see inside 

8. Pistachio Cranberry Biscotti

The Ricchiuti Family has been farming in the San Joaquin Valley for over a century. Passionate about giving people farm-to-table food, they founded Enzo's Table where they sell a variety of products including this delicious cranberry pistachio biscotti! Perfectly layered pistachios and cranberries complement each other, making this the best treat for to go with your coffee or tea! Shop Pistachio Cranberry Biscotti

Pink cylindrical container of sour strawberry gummy bears with a drawing of a small bear on a strawberry

9. Organic & Vegan Gummy Bears

These adorable gummy bears went through rigorous testing to ensure that they are the best tasting bears around. California Gummy Bears uses all California grown fruit as well as non-GMO ingredients and natural flavors to make these gummy bears healthier and tastier than others. They even shaped the gummies to resemble the California State Animal, the Grizzly Bear! Shop Vegan Gummy Bears


A box of sourdough bites with a picture of the crisps and some rosemary on the front

10. Rosemary and Olive Oil Sourdough Bites

What started as a couple of bakers making flatbread bites for friends, turned into a thriving business. Based in Northern California, Rustic Bakery makes the most amazing sourdough flatbread bites, curated to perfectly compliment any cheese. The rosemary and olive oil adds beautiful flavor, without overpowering the sourdough. (They also go great with our tapenade!) Shop Rosemary Sourdough Flatbread Bites

one small glass jar of artichoke parmesan tapenade and one small glass jar of olive tapenade

11. Tapenade

If you're looking for the perfect thing to pair with our sourdough bites, then look no further than our tapenade! You will not be disappointed with our Artichoke Parmesan or the Kalamata & Caper Tapenades, as they are bursting with flavor. Using California grown artichokes, olives, and capers, these spreads are a must! Shop Artichoke Parmesan or Kalamata and Caper Tapenade

 A box with a picture of small round yellow cheese bites and a row of them lined up next to the box

12. Savory Cheese Coins

Savory Cheese Coins are another tasty treat made by Rustic Bakery. Made with local California cheeses, these coins are crispy, cheesy and just a tiny bit spicy, making them so deliciously addictive. This snack is definitely one of our favorites here at Santa Barbara Company. Shop Savory Cheese Coins 

 Blue bag of biltong with a drawing of sliced steak on the front

13. Biltong

Crafted in small batches by Figure Ate Foods, this biltong is similar to beef jerky but a bit thicker and more tender with flavors of black pepper and coriander. Figure Ate Foods is incredibly passionate about regenerative agriculture, restoring the earth, and zero-waste packaging. With this snack, you'll get loads of nourishing protein for yourself as well as nourish our grasslands. Shop Beef Biltong


Here's our list of the best California snacks.

1. Sea Salt & Olive Oil Popcorn

2. Lemon Zing Organic Pistachios

3. California Herb Almonds

4. Sea Salt Caramels

5. Paso Almond Brittle

6. California Chocolate Orange Slices

7. Wild Berry Mix

8. California Biscotti

9. Organic Vegan California Gummy Bears

10. Rosemary & Olive Oil Sourdough Bites

11. Artichoke and Olive Tapenades

12. Savory Cheese Coins

13. Grass-Fed Beef BIltong

With so many incredible California crafted snacks to choose from, we couldn't possibly fit them all in this list.

Check out our full collection of California snack foods.